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Ultrasound is considered in terms of four categories. 

First is thermal. 

Heat is generated into the deeper tissues and especially the collagen, and the benefits derived from this.

Second is the mechanical.

High-speed vibrations act on these tissues like a micro massage.

Third is cavitations.

Countless microscopic oxygen droplets of oxygen are generated from the vibration process.

Fourth is biological, which include blood vessel dilatation, improved blood flow and circulation, improved blood flow and circulation, improved lymph flow and muscle relaxation.

Ultrasound facilitates the effectiveness of other skin treatments of other skin treatments since deep cleansing, exfoliation and moisturizing is improved. Ultrasound vibrations penetrate deep into pores and hair follicles to break up old, dead cells, secretions and oily blockages. Also, skin metabolism is increased which causes lymph flow to increase which causes waste products to be removed more rapidly and effectively. The more waste products removed the better penetration and absorption of your skin care products. Deep tissue micro massage improves skin tone, softness and texture. Stretch marks, fine lines and sun damaged skin are improved through infusion of collagen or vitamins into the skin.

The result is younger looking skin with better elasticity and texture. Treatment sessions take about 30-45 minutes and clients report feeling immediate tightening and softer, smoother skin. The skin looks suppler and friends will comment about your "healthy glow".