302 Cleanser formulas








302 Cleansers/ liquid formulas
Six excellent options for your cleansing needs
All sulfate free, detergent free, chemical free, preservative free, vegan…need we say more

Pick one, or two to alternate for best results, or try them all. 

 302 Cleanser
A super skin softening aging skin oriented formula. Very mild, outstanding cleansing and soft after-feel.
• For visible aging clients – the best.
• Strengthens skin barrier
• Softens skin
• Essential oils stimulate gently.

Sensitive Cleanser Rx
A clear, odorless naturally antibacterial cleanser that is especially designed for very sensitive, irritated skin – ultra mild, elegant and effective.
• Safe, effective for most very sensitive skin conditions
• Zinc oxide to heal irritated areas and reduce redness
• Non-charged surfactants provide ultra mild but very effective cleansing
• Preservative free, with organic and natural ingredients.
• Renormalizes sensitized skin

Normal / Dry Cleanser
For every day dry skin this super-moisturizing formula has been adjusted to impart rich moisture feel to the skin – softens and sustains even in tough environmental conditions.
• For dry, rough or thin skin
• Improves skin barrier
• No defatting of skin – rich residual feel
• Very effective cleansing activity

Sensitive Cleanser  ( the most popular formula to date)
The perfect all around cleanser – a lotion that cleans. Skin will be soft, smooth and supple. Combine or alternate with Face & Body Bar for outstanding results.
• Safe, effective for most very sensitive skin conditions
• Strengthens skin barrier
• Soothes with lavender
• Moisturizes and leaves skin clean and soft
• Strengthens skin against imbalances that lead to irritation and skin reddening

Acne Cleanser Rx
Rashes on the face and body with acne-like pustules describes acneic inflammation. This is the product to use. Acne Cleanser Rx uses sulfur and green tea extract, but it is designed for very sensitive skin conditions found in rashes. It should be considered along with Sensitive Cleanser Rx for these conditions – an excellent routine is to alternate both. Like all Rx products it has no essential oils or fragrance and you must shake well before each use.
• Ultra mild formula that is not just for those with acne. Never irritating or drying like most acne cleansers formulas
• Antibacterial, anti-itching
• Uses Zinc and Sulfur – 3%
• Calms and soothes
• Alternate with Sensitive Cleanser Rx
• Excellent too for scalp problems

Oily / Combination Cleanser
This cleanser formula works on a wide range of skin types to normalize the appearance of sebum output in oily skin areas and reduce the desire and need for frequent washing. Alternate with Face & Body Bar for best results.
• Natural avocado compounds stabilize the appearance of oily skin.
• Reduces the appearance of bacterial, fungal and inflammatory conditions.
• Exceptional mildness results in skin clarity
• Immediate skin softening from secondary avocado extract.
• Curtails the appearance of hyper-active oil gland output while binding and transporting away skin debris leaving a natural hydration effect.