About 302 Policy- Prices- Professionals

The 302 Professional Skincare line is available exclusively through Authorized Professionals.  Due to the training intensive nature of these exceptional products, it is in your best interest to work with experienced 302 pros that know, and utililize the most up to date treatment protocols for optimal results.  This reason is precisely why 302 products cannot be found in department stores, on Amazon, or at beauty retail chain locations.

302 headquarters has a specific policy for authorized professionals which prohibits public price posting, and public online sale, therefore we cannot openly post prices for 302 products.

To browse/ shop 302 Professional Skincare online, please visit our Official Online Store  www.your21skinshop.com Please note that a brief, one time registration is required to access the private 302 area.

For best results we recommend those new to 302 Professional Skincare products consult with us prior to use of  the active repair products, especially when experiencing sensitized/ irritated skin, or other chronic concerns.

For those currently working with a local authorized 302 Professional, we urge you to continue to support that Esthetician especially when you have been provided with customized recommendations suited to your individual needs.  We ourselves know first hand the time/ effort it takes to educate new users, initiate the process, as well as nurture the ongoing customized care of your skin.  If sticking with your local professional is not possible we are always here to assist you.  Afterall there is no sense in foregoing the incredible benefits of 302 Professional Skincare products simply because you do not have access to a professional that meets your needs.