LED Light Therapy/ Photo Therapy




As Authorized Distrubutors of the World Renowned Quasar Light Therapy Devices since 2005, we provide the Quasar MD brand devices to customers worldwide.  We also work with the line of devices within our Professional Skincare Practice daily.  This experience, and knowledge allows for added benefit  to you our valued customers/ clients when it comes to ongoing support  from our caring Staff of Liscensed Estheticians/ Light Therapy Experts.  

Quasar MD Devices are Trusted, Proven, Safe, Effective, made in the U.S.A. with expert quality, and craftsmanship, many of which offer *LIFETIME WARRANTIES

Additionally, Quasar MD has earned numerous prestigeous awards over the years, and has earned a reputation for top quality Light Therapy Devices that is second to none within the Beauty Industry today. Trends come, and go, yet Quasar MD brand devices have stood the test of time, and always on-trend with the latest, and greatest technological discoveries for collagen-building and elastin-strengthening red light has to offer, look no further.


*The popular and best selling Baby Quasar Plus (pictured above) features a patented technology combined red, amber, and infrared wavelengths. 

Baby Quasar Plus Includes:

  • High quality anodized aluminum
  • Dermatologist recommended
  • Lifetime “No Questions” warranty
  • 90-day “Money Back” guarantee
  • PLUS Our Exclusive Bonus 302 Professional Skincare Product Bundle


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*Quasar MD Plus -Quasar Bio-Tech’s “SIGNATURE DEVICE”


  • 4x More powerful than our closest competitor
  • Includes red, amber, and infrared wavelengths
  • High quality anodized aluminum
  • Dermatologist recommended


 More Light Therapy devices from Quasar MD include:

Baby Blue by Quasar MD

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