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April 2019 by Jennifer Schillaci L.E.

Spring Skincare Switch Up


What better time than Spring to switch up, and re-vamp your skincare regimen!  After all, Spring (for those of us currently in the Northern Hemisphere) naturally imparts a sense of new beginnings. And since our skin (especially the face) is out there for all the world to see, it just makes to show our skin, the largest organ of our bodies some well deserved love, respect, and appreciation in return for all it does all day, every day to protect all of our cells, tissues, organs, and body systems. 


You might be thinking- switch my regimen?  Why do I need to do that? The short answer is that when it comes to skincare regimens, and related products, over time even the very best of ingredients, and formulations can leave skin in a bit of a “same old, same old” slump. Especially true of long term daily use mainstays- cleansers, and moisturizers, for many also daily SPF products.  While I make it a point to share this fact with our clients during their skincare visits, I don’t always have the opportunity to communicate this information to our long distance, and virtual clients, or guests that shop online with us.


Much as Nutritional Experts recommend a varied diet of healthy food choices for optimal health, the same can be said of healthy variety for the skin.  Now even though technically your Integumentary System (skin) clearly functions in a different manner than the digestive system it is clear that with both, healthy variety is as they say, “the spice of life”.  You see, speaking in terms of the true function of skin, long term use of the same products day in, and day out can be less than optimal for the receptors (sensors) located all thorough out every inch of our skin near surface level. While the actual scientific explanation of this process is fairly lengthy, and scientifically complex this generalization of the process can serve as an overall idea for the sake of this discussion.  


It’s worth pointing out that receptor fatigue isn’t necessarily detrimental or entirely problematic to most, yet common sense tells us that if skin is  “less engaged” or “sleeping on the job” it might not be functioning optimally to absorb, and utilize the products you are spending your hard earned money to purchase. Speaking from my professional experience over the years , this practice has made quite a difference for many, many clients, in addition to myself, thus a factor I consider well worth exploring. 


Another point to note is that ingredients matter. Choosing products with sound ingredients is beneficial for our overall health, as well as to avoid unnecessary wear, and tear abuse of our skin which is commonly caused from harsh chemicals, preservatives, and exfoliating acids.  Such damage is preventable, and thankfully we are in a place where this message is really getting out there, and as a result people are making better product, and ingredient choices. 


Should you decide to make changes to your regimen, product rotation, or to simply swap out  just one product a, we have plenty of great products options suitable for every skincare need.  We are all in to provide you with products, (and services) to keep your regimen fresh, your skin healthy-looking great, and your receptors happily engaged.  If you need recommendations, suggestions, or have questions I am here to assist you. Whether you need products that target mature skin, sensitive skin, acne, or you are looking for aging intervention (pre-juvenation- yes, it’s a thing!), or plain, and simple day to day minimalist care- we’re on it, and complimentary support is here for the asking!  I always welcome your call or email for assistance.


Thanks for reading! Until next time, wishing you health, happiness, and your very best skin!


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UPDATE: On the topic of switching up your products, and or regimen, be sure to check out Dermaki Skincare.  This is a new line that we’ve had the privilege to explore over recent months prior to the official launch. The ingredients are top notch, clean, and minimal, and the philosophy is actually similar to my favorite 302 Professional Skincare.  I have personally tested all of the phase one products, and shared most with our staff.   I have also used these products  in facials/ services, and providing as homecare to select clients.  The reception, and response to date has been excellent all around!  I am currently a super fan of the Eye Complex, Copaiba, and Balance Mists, and the Acne Spot Treatment is super impressive- clients are loving it as another go to just in case they sprout a breakout inflammatory or other.  Tough to pick a favorite, as the Luxe Face and Body Bar is awesome, and smells like the spa- subtle, yet incredible. Nourish reminds me of Moisturizing Drops, and Daily Moisturizer is an excellent choice for those that love Recovery Plus Intensive. Additionally we are looking very forward to rounding out this line as the next launch phase of Dermaki Skincare including anti-aging products for body along with a full line of acne, and sensitive skin solutions becomes available.