Testimonials from Our Valued Clients

I loved my Sculpla Mask service. I was very impressed by how my skin looks and feels afterward.  I would recommend 21st Skin and the Sculpla Mask service.

Jannisa P of Chicago


I am very happy to have found this gem of a skin care place. I always enjoy the excellent level of service and pampering I receive with each visit. My skin is looking fantastic thanks to my expert Jennifer.

Elise from Woodridge


I really enjoyed my facial today.  I don’t typically treat myself to these types of things, but I really glad I did as I feel relaxed, refreshed, and my skin is so soft, and smooth.  My hand treatment was absolutely wonderful.  I will be back again, and happy to recommend Jennifer to my friends.

Thank you,

Kathleen J. of Naperville IL


I highly recommend 21st Century Skincare as a great place for affordable, and quality facials.  I enjoyed the relaxing atmosphere, and my skin looked, and felt wonderful afterward.I plan to come back, and will be sure to tell my friends. Thank you for fitting me in before my holiday party! Another pleasant bonus.

Tina P. from Lisle


I’ve been with Jennifer since 2009, and NOBODY in the Aesthetics field that I’ve ever encountered offers the level of service, and skin care expertise that Jennifer does.  I relocated back in 2012 first to NC, and then to FL, and I make it a PRIORITY to book my skin appointment everytime I come back to the area 2-3 times each year.  I tell my friends, and family that my visit to 21st for a treatment with Jennifer, and a trip to Portillos are top on my list. In between visits Jennifer ships me products if I need them which I really appreciate.  I use the 302 Professional Skincare line which are exceptional, and I get compliments on my skin more so now in my early forties than I did ten years ago.  Thank you Jennifer for keeping me looking good, and my skin so healthy.

Lainie Rodriquez Age 42


I am so happy to have found 21st Century Skincare, and the 302 Skincare products.  My skin has never been so good.  I come for facials every few months, and have been doing so for over six years now.  My dry sallow skin, oily nose with blackheads are all a distant memory.  I even stopped wearing foundation a couple years ago, and at age 37 I receive more compliments than I did at age 25.  Thank you 21st Century Skincare for keeping me looking great, and feeling good about myself.  The staff at 21st Century is great, and the 302 line is my saving grace.

Kathi K.  Highland Park, IL
Love, love, love 21st Century Skincare!  Jennifer is very knowledgeable, service is great, and the products are exceptional.
I have purchased 302 Professional Skincare products along with some fun gadgets for home use in between appointments.  I love my Ultrawave!  Keep my pores clean, and my skin glowing.  Plus Drops, and Eye Gel are my favorites from 302, and Illuminare mineral make up is one of the best brands I’ve ever used at a great price too.
Thank you!- Annette J. age 33
I don’t usually write about products or services, but after all I have been through I really had to tell my story.  Way back in 2009 at age 26 I got the brilliant idea to get a series of chemical peels.  Looking back I really don’t know what I was thinking because there really wasn’t anything wrong with my skin.  I guess I just heard about this practice, and thought it would be good for my skin, or maybe just to do something new and exciting, who knows really.  All I can say is that was probably the single dumbest thing I had ever elected to do because it led me to the most awful scarred skin that after three years seemed to be getting worse.  In my desperation I foolishly continued to do more things to my scarred skin which was actually not truly apparent until after the third peel because now I had to fix it.  I felt so ashamed to let anyone see me.  Normal things I took for granted like going out with friends was all like a nightmare because the damage was really noticeable to everyone that knew me, and I knew it myself.  My cheeks were all pebbly looking, and my skin was red compared to my real skin tone especially when I washed it. My skin also had become very dry, and thin like crepe paper as well.  I saw wrinkles coming on out of nowhere that looked like that of a person much older.  It was just when I was about to give up that I read on a thread online about 302 skincare.  I had found a story similar to my own, and this person had mentioned this line of products having helped her.  I really thought it was too good to be true, but I was intrigued.  After going to the 302 website I found 21st Century Skincare, and decided to contact them for help with my disaterous situation.  Fast forward to now with the help of Jennifer the esthetician, and all I can say is not only did I get results with the pebbly cheeks healing in a matter of months, but now I have gotten into the anti-aging regimen which seems to have reversed all of my issues.  My skin looks great, and thankfully my ordeal is now a very distant memory.  I will always appreciate Jennifer for her patience in helping me, and 302 has me as a customer for life.
Janine from Elk Grove
Hey 21st Century Skincare!  Thank you for being the best place to go for affordable skin treatments that are cutting edge.  Love to relax, and have you make me look my best.  I love 302 products.  SPF 15 tinted is the bomb!  So many great products by this 302 line.  Can’t get enough of them!
Ashley H. from Gurnee IL


Two years ago at age 65, I had about given up on understanding my skin or thinking there were any solutions to alleviate my problem skin,  when I was introduced to Jennifer at 21st Century Skincare.  Through her most thorough consult and subsequent introduction to the 302 products, Jennifer has given me a deeper understanding of not only my skin but how the products work to calm the irritations.  I have purchased a lot of products in my life that did not work and now am benefiting from the purity of 302 – hey girls – hope you all find out about 302 before you are 65.

North Carolina

I want to THANK Jennifer from 21st century for hooking me up with 302 skincare.  I have used 302 for years andI my skin has never looked better.  Prior to using 302 I spent hundreds of dollars on skincare that never worked and often irritated my skin.  I now never have break outs and Hopefully slowing down the aging process a bit too.

I will continue to use 302 until I am 90! I never use anything else…I also use Illuminare’s pure minerals foundation.

Thanks so much Jennifer! You have helped me sooo much….

Meg from Illinois

Lauree S
Woodland Hills, CA

302 has been my go to line since it was introduced to me a couple of years ago. My olive skin tone was discolored, uneven, and dry from “other” harsh products. The body and face bar, combined with 302 drops, and rotating A, and C drops, used with a little bit of calming mist has changed my skin forever. It is now, smooth, even and I only need makeup because I want to, not because I need to. I can’t thank this amazing company enough!


I have been using 302 skincare for the last couple of years and I can honestly say I haven’t looked back.  After doing a random research on the internet, I am thankful to have found this product! The face & body bar is amazing.  I love how my face feels super clean after and it never dries out my skin.  I also use the 302 cleanser which is just as great.  I coordinate using the Vitamin C drops ( C Boost) and 302 drops every other night (with Sundays being my day of rest from the drops).  The Vitamin C drops are used at night and in the morning, my face is soft and glowing.  It amazes me how it transforms my face over night.  I recently purchased the Calming Mist RX as my face started to get red/dry patches on it (I’m not sure if it’s eczema or psoriasis or could have been from an awful winter this year).  After using this after the last two months, I no longer get the red patches.  I use the Calming Mist in combination with my drops and also as a daily moisturizer (I can no longer use lotions on my face after trying this product).  I would have to say this is now my favorite product.  I also want to give a big thanks to Jennifer from 21st century because she has provided me with the best customer service.  From the very beginning, she has given me detail on how each product works and spent more than enough time to answer all of my questions.  I’ve also ordered the self tanner spray (which is also fun to use) and she was quick to take my call/answer my questions about it.  I’ve also used the SPF lotion, which is non-greasy and doesn’t have an awful smell like most do.  I also love how quick my orders are placed and received.  My boyfriend is now hooked on the product and we have been ordering more frequently.  We both used to have acne prone skin/oily skin.  I don’t remember the last break out I’ve had since using the product and his skin is transforming the more he uses this product.  302 is worth every penny and I am grateful to have stumbled upon this product.
-Jenni, Indianapolis, IN

After many years (and a couple of bumpy detours with other skincare lines), I’m staying on the path of the incomparable 302 skincare line with the incredible support of Jennifer at 21st Century Skincare. She is wonderful, patient, and really knows her stuff. She encourages me to go slowly and always inspires me to do the right thing. I really can’t thank her enough!

Bonnie, San Francisco, CA


I have been using 302 skin care products for 10+ years and absolutely love it! It helps me to maintain seborrhea and rosacea I have been battling with for years. I hardly ever see skin scales along scalp area anymore. 302 products are light, non-oily and well absorbed. I’ve used many different 302 products such as serum, Vit. A/C boost, revive, recovery+etc… Absolutely love the products. I always get compliments about my skin tone from different people known and unknown to me as well as from skin care professionals (had to change a few, still looking for a perfect one after my esthetician left the field.

Lana, CA

” I’ve been using 302 a long time and am very happy with the product line. The 302 Drops product dramatically helped improve existing acne scars and minimize their appearance. It can be such a battle to find a product that truly just works. I love how 302 products are straight forward, have minimal yet powerful ingredients and are all natural. I feel you pay for quality products and not advertising as is the case with many other product lines. I will continue to use all the products I have been using for years such as the Sensitive Cleanser, Vitamin A Serum, Vitamin C Boost and 302 drops.”
-Nicole C.

“To say that I have sensitive skin is an understatement. For years I tried department, specialty and drug store products labeled for sensitive skin – even the expensive ones.  I would use them for a few weeks and then have to return them after realizing, the hard way, that they weren’t giving my skin what it needed.  One evening, out of desperation I took to the internet in search of something that would sooth my dry, red and overworked skin.  Thankfully, my internet search led me to the 302 Rx line and the guided support of my personal 21st Century esthetician Jennifer that I can call any time for advice.  Three years later I have healthy, happy, beautiful skin…and I’ve come to learn a bit about what got my sensitive skin so worked up in the first place – over exfoliation, essential oils and hidden ingredients in other products that are common allergens.  I am so glad my search led me to 21st Century; 302 Rx cleanser, day/night moisturizer and moisturizing drops; and the professional support to find the right fit for my skin.”  Cara K., St. Louis, MO


Ottawa Canada

I am a  44 year old Canadian and have been using 302 products for over 5 years now. Before 302 my skin actually looked grey it was so unhealthy. I was using products ( recommended by apparent skin care professionals)  that were actually stripping my skin of all of its own nutrients. It was dull and lifeless, dry and oily. 

 Fast forward to today. I am constantly getting compliments on my skin.  It is balanced with less rosacea,  and always at a perfect hydration level. I wear  less “cover up “ face makeup, than I did in my 30’s.  I just don’t need it anymore.  I recently got asked for ID and when I said I was 44 the woman responded “ but your skin is so young?”  My skin is healthy and glowing and my confidence never better!

Jennifer from 21st Century Skincare has been shipping me 302 products for years now  and always does so with speed and attention. She is very pleasant to deal with and knows her stuff!  Great job 21st Century!  I am a client for life!