Revive Rx


Revive Rx 




• Acne Rash – drug free approach to clearing the look of even chronic acne in days

• Inflammation/Rosacea – reduces and eliminates, clears look in days

• Pustular Acne Rash – cleans and clears up look

• Shingles – stops itch, clears look

• Diaper Rash –  any rash

• pH 8.5


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A clear, fast absorbing gel for acne and aged skin problems especially for those seeking visible relief from shingles, rosacea, irritated, and dry skin conditions.

Very effective for clearing visible stubborn acne whether inflammatory or pustular.

Ammonia polymer and botanical extracts rapidly clear skin problems via carbamide phosphate secondary metabolite uptake – a key factor found in irritated and acne prone skin. 


Follow with application of Remedy Rx

Not recommended with creams or lotions or gels that contain exfoliating acids.