302 Lotion Cleansers – 6 Exceptional Formulas



CL3.4 ASST6 500X200
Six ultra-pure formulas available in: 1oz., 3.4 oz., and 8 oz. sizes 
  • Sulfate free
  • Preservative free
  • Vegan
  • Paraben free
  • with Organic Green Tea
Many problems in cleansing can be traced to over-frequent washing and scrubs – especially with products that are irritating – scrubs are inherently irritating to the skin therfore best avoided/ used minimally. Detergent cleansers, and scrubs are a primary source of rosacea-like problems and worse.     
Important Fact;
Most everyday cleansers create a great deal of foam.  The chemistry (from chemicals) that produces rich, creamy foam is irritating to the skin. There is no getting around that fact.  302 Professional Skincare cleansers do not foam or do so very lightly.   Another important fact to note is that squeaky clean equals irritated skin no matter how well your skin appears to tolerate this process.  This stripping is also a form or wear, and tear that over time breaks down – ages skin.  All 302 cleansers are preservative-free and contain no harsh betaines (ie. cocomidopropyl betaine) or anionic surfactants like sodium lauryl sulfate.  With 302 Cleansers there is no squeaky stripped skin, just clean, and naturally balanced as nature intended.

Everyone should have two cleansers – either two these lotion formulas, or one lotion cleanser and the Face & Body Bar/ Face & Body Bar Rx.  These cleansers can be combined or alternated to keep the skin fresh and functioning properly.  Traditional cleansers produce high skin stress because they are used frequently and cleansing is not a natural act as far as the skin goes. Over-cleansing is a huge problem and is the second leading cause of skin irritation.
For best results, we recommend a thorough cleansing in the evening and a very light, quick cleansing in the morning, or use Purity; 302’s unique waterless gentle skin sanitizer  

302 Skincare Cleanser formulas contain a variety of natural extracts that impart creaminess, and a lotion-like consistency.  The formulas are “skin neutral” and because of that, provide an outstanding environment for the follow up application of Actives.
302 Professional Skincare Cleansers have been specially formulated to provide the ultimate in mild cleansing and skin softening which leads to the visible reversal of skin aging, and blemishes caused by acne. 

These cleansers share a common architecture and ingredient profile. They vary by the ratio of the ingredients used and by the choice of essential oils or specific ingredients, like zinc oxide, urea or extracts that will be useful for the designated skin condition.      

302 Cleanser formulas:

302 Cleanser; skin softening formula especially formulated for aged skin. Very mild, outstanding cleansing and soft after-feel.  

• Strengthens skin barrier
• Softens skin texture 
• Select essential oils gently stimulate  
• Cleanses deeply as it conditions
302 Cleanser Ingredients: Organic green tea, amphoteric 2, polyquat 77, kosher glycerine, sodium laurylglucosides, high oleic safflower oil, glyceryl monostearate, cellulose polymer, avocado oil, urea, lavender, citrus extracts.

Normal / Dry Cleanser; super-moisturizing formula for every day dry skin has been adjusted to impart a rich hydrating feel to the skin. Softens/sustains skin even in tough environments.  
• Hydrates as it cleanses 
• Conditions and de-sensitizes dry areas 
• Softens and restores natural barrier 
• pH 5.5  
Normal/ Dry Cleanser Ingredients: Organic green tea, amphoteric 2, polyquat 77, avocado oil, sodium laurylglucosides, kosher glycerine, high oleic safflower oil, glyceryl monostearate, cellulose polymer, mint, lavender.
Oily / Combination Cleanser; very effective to calm down sebaceous glands and reduce the oily look in days, even chronic cases.  For best results alternate with Face & Body Bar, or Bar Rx. 
• Stabilizes actively oily skin  
• Reduces the excess oil and formation of surface blemishes 
• Reduces the appearance of bacterial, fungal and inflammatory conditions 
• Softens and improves skin clarity, curtails hyper sebaceous glands 
• Deep cleansing activity leaves skin soft (and never squeaky!) 
• pH 5.5 
Oily/ Combination Cleanser Ingredients: Organic green tea, amphoteric 2, sodium laurylglucosides, kosher glycerine, high oleic safflower oil, glyceryl monostearate, cellulose polymer, polyquat 77, avocado oil, zinc oxide, mint, lavender, citrus extract.

Sensitive Cleanser; perfect  all around cleanser – a lotion that cleanses. Skin will be soft, smooth and supple. Strengthens skin against imbalances that lead to irritation and skin reddening.  
Combine or alternate with Face & Body Bar or Face & Body Bar Rx for outstanding results.   
• Safe and effective for most sensitive skin conditions 
• Strengthens skin barrier 
• Soothes, moisturizes and leaves skin clean and soft  
• Zinc oxide heals irritated areas and reduce redness 
• pH 5.5  
Sensitive Cleanser Ingredients: Organic green tea, amphoteric 2, sodium laurylglucosides, kosher glycerine, high oleic safflower oil, avocado oil, glyceryl monostearate, cellulose polymer, polyquat 77, zinc oxide, camphor, lavender.
Sensitive Cleanser Rx 
A clear, natural bacteriostat cleanser that is especially designed for very sensitive, irritated skin – ultra mild, elegant and effective.  Sensitive Cleanser Rx contains no added essential oils and is scent free.  May be alternated with Acne Cleanser Rx for inflammatory and pustular acne.  May occasionally be alternated with Face & Body Bar Rx after skin has stabilized.  
• Safe and effective for most very sensitive skin conditions 
• Zinc oxide heals irritated areas  
• Reduces redness 
• Uncharged surfactants provide ultra mild and effective cleansing 
• Renormalizes sensitized skin with organic and natural ingredients 
• pH 5.5  
Sensitive Cleanser Rx Ingredients: Organic green tea, amphoteric 2, sodium laurylglucosides, kosher glycerine, ammonium cellulose, polyquat 77, zinc oxide, herbal extract.
Acne Cleanser Rx 
This remarkably gentle formulation with sulfur and green tea is excellent for treating acneic inflammation, rashes on the face and body with acne-like pustules, and for very sensitive skin conditions found in rashy acneic skin types.   This product should be considered along with Sensitive Cleanser Rx for these conditions.  An effective routine is to alternate both Acne Cleanser Rx, and Sensitive Cleanser Rx.  For another great cleansing option within the 302 family, ALSO SEE 302’s Clinical Formula for Inflammation/ Acne
Acne Cleanser Rx contains no added essential oils. For even distribution of sulfur, we recommend storing this product on its side. 
• Ultra mild formula, calms and soothes 
• Antibacterial, anti-itching, uses micronized zinc oxide and sulfur (3%)   
• Excellent for scalp problems 
• Green tea extract equivalent to 4% benzoyl peroxide 
• pH 5.5  
Acne Cleanser Rx Ingredients:Organic green tea, polyquat 77, sodium laurylglucosides, kosher glycerine, urea, zinc oxide, cellulose polymer.  
Active Ingredient: natural sulfur (3%)