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302 Sensitive Drops Rx by 302 Professional Skincare contains no added essential oils and frances which is extremely important for those with any senstive skin condition or concern.

 This product is a concentrated  formula that must be applied to wetted skin.  Calming Mist Rx is recommended as the best choice for application of this concentrate.  

Formerly known as 302 Rosacea Drops, and as Acne Drops Rx. This product is effective for inflammatory acne, rosacea, sensitized skin, and more.

302 Sensitive Drops Rx has the power of Avogen in the most gentle formula to date. As mentioned, excellent for Rosacea, and mild to moderate inflammatory acne.  For severe acne start with the 302 Intro Kit, or Clinical Formula Acne/ Inflammation Cleanser, with Revive Rx, and Remedy Rx treatment products.  

This product is the next step up in strength from Avogen™ Avocado Topical Mist. 302 Sensitive Drops Rx can be applied as a leave-on or wash-off to aging skin. You will find the lipidl base moisturizes exceptionally well when mixed with Calming Mist Rx and followed by Remedy Rx. Applied 3x per week and alternated with A-Boost Rx 2x per week (on separate days) creates an outstanding regimen for aging skin that is sensitive and in need of rebuilding.

302 Sensitive Drops Rx provides visible relief and moisturizing to irritated, acne troubled skin, as well as to calm, soften, moisturize and normalize the appearance of troubled rosacea and cuperose prone skin after Detox.

302 Sensitive Drops Rx is a concentrate and is best spread with Calming Mist or Calming Mist Rx.These mists are green tea hydrators recommended for anytime hydration.

302 Sensitive Drops Rx contains no added essential oils or fragrances.
• Aged skin that is prone to sensitivity will see
rapid and healthy rebuilding of thin, damaged
skin prone to uneven pigmentation.
• Preservative free formula
• Rapidly rebuilds weak epidermis depleted by
• Stabilizes sebaceous cells.
• Helps to normalize and calm the appearanceof inflamed and bacteria susceptible skin.
• Outstanding for smoothing and preventing acne scars

This all natural lipid formula without synthetics is structured to deliver and enhance the 302 compound. Calms, softens, moisturizes and normalizes the appearance of troubled rosacea and cuperose prone skin and stabilizes sebaceous cells. Rapidly rebuilds weak epidermis depleted by inflammation. Helps to normalize and calm the appearance of inflamed and bacteria susceptible skin. Follow with Remedy Rx for best results. Essential oil and fragrance free. Simple yet effective with minimal pure ingredients.

This concentrated formula provides an approximate 6 month supply with average recommended use of 3x times per week.

Precautions: Topical use only. As with all new products it is recommended to apply to a test area and wait 24 hours.  If irritation develops discontinue use.

 Ingredients: Organic jojoba Oil,capric/ caprylic triglicerides, avocado extract, avocatin 302 (Avogen™).