Face and Body Bar


Face & Body Bar/ Face & Body Bar Rx

4.25OZ BAR
• Mild cleansing, non-irritating – softens and soothes irritated skin
• Anti-fungal, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory  
• Solves visible acne problems  
• Rx version is scent free and essential oil free  
• Biodegradable

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Additional benefits/ uses:

•Sunburn – 302 Face & Body Bar knocks the redness and pain down fast

•Shaving – work up a lather, and use as is

•Yeast, Candida albicans, ect. – reach for 302 Face & Body Bar, naturally anti-fungal

•Acne – works alone, with 302 products, or acid regimes – naturally anti-bacterial

•Dandruff – stops flaking

•Babies – stops diaper rash, gentle

•Dry, cracked skin  – reach for 302 Face & Body Bar

•Oily T Zone – 302 Face & Body Bar stabilizes sebaceous glands

•Calluses – nothing softens like 302 Face & Body Bar (except 302 Drops and Body Butter)

•Skin Detox – settles down skin worn out by other topicals

•Radiation – reduces inflammation during and after treatment therapy


Ingredients- Face and Body Bar Sodium palmitate/ cocoate, avocado extracts, mint extract

Ingredients- Face and Body Bar RxSodium palmitate/ cocoate, avocado extracts