Recovery Minerals SPF 30 Translucent Powder


A Broad Spectrum SPF-30 mineral powder for coverage and healing, especially for soothing red, irritated skin.

Free of additives/ fillers, synthetic ingredients. Never any irritants/ controversial ingredients such as bismuth oxychloride. No talc, and no nano particles

• Naturally sun reflective broad spectrum SPF-30 (UVA/UVB)  
• Improves moisture barrier  
• Oil absorbing  
• Excellent for rosacea and acne coverage 
Appropriate for any skin condition, hypo-allergenic    
Reduces appearance of irritated skin as it protects and heals.   
TREATMENT APPLICATIONS: Excellent for night-time healing, especially for soothing red, irritated skin.  Protects and heals. Day and night use.  Provides environmental protection, sun protection, improves healing, covers the look of irritated skin with natural purified minerals and absorbs excess skin oils.  Especially recommended for acne and rosacea sufferers.  
GENERAL APPLICATIONS: Excellent coverage for everyday use; especially helpful for acne and inflammation prone skin.
Available in: 
10g Jar RETAIL  
INGREDIENTS –  Coral calcium (calcium carbonate), iron oxides.  
Active Ingredients: titanium dioxide (13%), zinc oxide (2%)