Eye Gel


Eye Gel 1 oz.

Eye Gel from 302 Professional Skincare is a high activity, fast absorbing firming gel formula comprised of a mix of proteins and protein building blocks from plant sources to provide lift, smoothing and texture improvement of the eye area. 

Additional Product description:

Are you looking for an eye product that’s powerful enough to rejuvenate the look of your eyes, and doubles as an overall firming product? Look no further, as the  Eye Gel formula from 302 Skincare has it covered.  This fantastic firming formula contains natural ingredients that eliminate rough textured skin as it restores springy bounce to aging elastin fibers. The outcome is a smoothing, firming, and hydrated skin. Eye gel contains healthy proteins derived from indigenous, and marine flora rich in vital nutrients. What makes this gel even more effective is that it’s formulated to penetrate skin effortlessly, and rapidly.

What’s more? Eye Gel not only improves skins appearance, but it also improves skin function by stimulating cellular activity for enhanced cell renewal. While the  organic Green Tea extract reduces inflammation, and protects against breakdown of delicate collagen fibers. Best yet, Eye Gel from 302 Skincare is safe- no harmful ingredients. So if you’re looking for a gel that transforms the look and feel of your skin, 302’s Eye Gel product will put a smile on your face.

Recommended skin type:

Eye Gel is a perfect product for all types of skin. 

TIP: For longterm use we love the effects when Eye Gel is rotated ongoing with 302’s sister eye formula which features energizing niacinimide called Eye Firming Serum.  Some users alternate one for day, the other formula at night, while others use a bottle of Eye Gel, and next a round of Eye Firming Serum.  Both are great for a well rounded skincare regimen that properly addresses the main concerns of the delicate skin of the eye area.This product differs from EYE FIRMING SERUM in its emphasis on immediate lift. Once again,alternating between the two eye area products is recommended. Eye Gel is formulated for daily use.

Benefits of Eye Gel:

  • Smoothes, and tones improves tugor (skins bounce-back factor)
  • Supports, and feeds skin to eliminate fine lines
  • Lightweight texture, and small molecule ingredients provide immediate effects
  • Improves skin health by stimulating cellular circulation
  • Effective for firming other areas such as lip area, jawline, and neck.
  • Easily penetrates deeply, never tacky, leaving skin feeling naturally hydrated, moisturized 

Directions for Use:

After cleansing, apply Eye Gel to the skin surrounding the eye area, above, below, close to lashes is fine.  We recommend using your ring, or pinky finger to gently tap the Eye Gel formula into the skin versus spreading back, and forth, or rubbing of delicate eye skin . Allow it to absorb/ penetrate the skin before applying another layer. You can apply it up to three times to attain desired flawlessness. Once applied you can follow  with your normal skin care routine.  Other 302 actives may be applied over this formula if desired.  Such as 302 Drops, 302 Serum, C Boost, Ceramide Serum.

Eye Gel  Ingredients: Organic green tea, rice peptides, lactylate, kosher glycerine, cellulose polymer, polyquat 81, sodium benzoate, rose ether, silicone oil, vanilla.

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