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Click the links provided below to learn more about the remarkable 302 Professional Skincare product line as featured on the Essential Day Spa Forum. 

While these lengthy E.D.S. discussions are immensely informative, it is important to note that some conversations include accounts of users that had not received individualized professional guidance while using the powerful 302 active product formulas.  In such instances our review has noted improper application such as over use of actives/ excessive regimens, use of Avogen actives with topically addicted skin, or Avogen use with glycolic acids, high doses of retinols., which would very likely have had a negative impact in terms of results for such users. Wih that said, we highly recommend a quick consultation prior to use of Avogen products such as 302 Sensitive Drops Rx, 302 Active Mist, 302 Drops, 302 Serum, 302 Plus Drops, and 302 Plus Serum for your very best results. Cleansers, Moisturizers, SPF products are well suit for general use with exception of those with extremely sensitized, reactive skin/ chronic infllamation issues in which case we can best advise/ consult with you professionally to select products to best serve your individual needs. 

To date as of 2018, 302 Professional Skincare has grown by way of product offerings, as well as efficacy.  Any “kinks” that may have been an noted years ago have since been “iron out”/ resolved. 

The 302 Professional Skincare line of today offers a nearly seamless transition to topically addictive skin thanks to new protocols, and products such as Revive Rx, and the 302 Clinical Formulas. The lotion cleansers are gentler, and more effective than ever, and moisturizers are second to none.  Spf formulas have literally blown users away with the most pure mineral (physical block) extremely gentle formulations.  When it comes to active products for repair, 302 offers a seriously potent line up of only proven of products suited to effectively address all skin, all concerns with optimal results. Active additions such as Ceramide Serum, and Eye Gel (also used for overall firming), Active Mists (pre-mixed /no lipid residue) have been pivotal in furthering the benefits of truly healthy, more youthful, and properly functioning skin that shows.

As experienced, and highly trained 302 professionals, we dedicate oursleves to your best outcome.  We are here for you when you need us.  Feel free to consult our experts daily- 8 am – 10 pm CST at 800 482-6073, or email us for assistance/ to schedule a quick consultation.



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