About Epidermal Leveling

Epidermal leveling is an innovative technique that employs a special surgical instrument to exfoliate the topmost layer of skin. It removes dead cells and provides a smooth appearance to the skin. This procedure is the right option for those looking for a noninvasive method of treating skin problems. It is suitable for all skin types and tones. The procedure is safe and causes little or no pain. It removes facial hair temporarily, without changing the growth pattern of the hair. It is performed only by a trained professional in the doctor’s office.

Useful Epidermal Leveling Facts

  • The entire procedure is painless. When performed properlydoes not pose any threats such as surface injury skin, bleeding or allergic reactions.
  • Recovery time is short. While the skin may be sensitive for a short period of time typically from minutes, to hours following session.
  • An average epidermal leveling session takes about 45-60 minutes.
  • The need to repeat the procedure varies across every client/ patient. The average time between two sessions is about four weeks.
  • There is no recovery time involved in epidermal leveling—most clients/ patients leave within minutes of completing the procedure, with a recommended application of (chemical free- preferably zinc based) spf product.


Here are 5 reasons to choose epidermal leveling.

1. No Side Effects

The most important reason to choose epidermal leveling is that it does not cause any serious side effects. The epidermal layers are removed in a safe manner that reduces trauma to the skin. Patients may experience mild redness or swelling in the treated area. However, it will disappear within two days. It does not use any chemicals, so it does not affect pregnant woman or nursing women who receive it. It minimizes fine lines, wrinkles, acne scars and pigmentation without causing any pain or irritation. It is a great alternative for those who are sensitive to microdermabrasion.

2. Suitable for All (with exception to pregnancy, and hormonal melasma conditions – *see notes below)

Epidermal leveling is suitable for both men and women of any any skin tone. Unlike lasers this non-invasive procedure works equally well with all skin colors.

3. Immediate Results

Epidermal leveling provides the desired results immediately. Patients can leave the treatment site immediately after the therapy is completed. It is therefore an excellent option that can be done before any special event. It removes dead skin cells and fine facial hair that captures dirt and oil, making complexion dull and lifeless. It rejuvenates the skin and leaves it vibrant and healthy. It is possible to eliminate several skin imperfections and conditions in this method. It treats the skin damaged by acne and bacterial infections. Epidermal leveling minimizes pore blockage and encourages the production of collagen as well as elastin. It increases the skin’s ability to absorb active nutrients.

4. Combines with Other Treatments

Epidermal leveling can be used in conjunction with many treatment procedures like chemical peels and laser treatments. It has the potential to make other treatments more effective.

5. Can Be Used for Face, Back, and Forearms

Epidermal leveling is an excellent method to treat problems in the face, forearms and back. It reduces bacteria that exhibit around the follicles in the back, contributing to acne. It is an effective method even for those with sensitive or dry skin.

Since the topmost layer of the skin is removed in this method, it is important to provide sufficient care to your skin after treatment. It is crucial to use the quality skin care products and sunscreen with 30 plus SPF to reduce the chance of re-occurring skin problems. The skin looks healthier and more beautiful after treatment. It is, however, important to receive 4 or 5 sessions. Monthly treatment combined with a regular skin care regime can help you achieve problem-free skin.


Epidermal leveling, while relatively new, offers an exfoliating treatment that is suitable for both men and women. The procedure is safe and effective and works well on all skin types. The process uses a surgical instrument which removes the top layers of the skin while exposing the under layer of fresh skin.

Conditions that Epidermal Leveling Treats

Epidermal leveling treats several different skin conditions, including minor imperfections, uneven skin, pigmentation problems and acne scarring, and temporarily removes facial hair and fine aging lines. The advantage of the treatment is the results are immediate and often combined with other skin treatments such as peels, light therapy, microcurrent.

Epidermal Leveling Method

While a special instrument is used during the procedure, it is a non-invasive method and completely painless. The sensation during treatment is that of the instrument scraping the skin, but it is a gentle scraping. No injections are used during the procedure, and therefore there is no downtime or recovery time. 

Treatments can be repeated every 4 to 6 weeks and are performed by a Licensed Esthetician. The Esthetician has special training in the area of epidermal leveling. The procedure is not permanent, which means if skin is normally uneven, it may begin to look uneven again about 6 weeks after treatment. 

The greatest benefit to epidermal leveling is that it is gentle, effective and can be repeated to keep the skin looking fresh, younger and natural. The cost of the procedure varies depending on location, but normally ranges from $80 to $160 per treatment.

How Epidermal Leveling is Performed

Understanding Epidermal Leveling

Epidermal leveling is among the few anti-aging solutions that can instantaneously scrape-away the topmost layer of the facial skin (epidermis). This is a significant advantage since the epidermal layer retains the maximum signs of aging and scarring. The procedure is recommended for women struggling with typical skincare issues like acne due to an oily skin surface. As a part of the surgical exfoliation, the peach fuzz, or the fine hair present on the facial skin that is responsible for trapping the grime and the skin’s natural oil, is also scraped-off.

Epidermal leveling is recommended for people looking beyond the anti-aging aspect also, i.e. people who are struggling with a dull-looking skin, as epidermal leveling makes the face appear brighter or rejuvenated. Epidermal leveling doesn’t use suction that has posed problems for many people in cosmetic procedures like Microdermabrasion.

Among contemporary, anti-aging cosmetic procedures, Epidermal leveling is reputed to provide immediate results with minimal discomfort. Epidermal leveling is also called dermaplaning, dermablading and epidermal shaving. These terms stem from the fact that epidermal leveling is essentially a process of slowly exfoliating the outermost layer of the kin in a comprehensive but controlled manner. It is being increasingly used by women for getting rid of fine wrinkle lines, acne scarring and uneven pigmentation. The results of this procedure yield instant results wherein the skin is rendered a younger, fresher appearance. This is why professionals providing this procedure use terms like ‘reveal underlying baby-skin’ for highlighting its effectiveness.

A basic outline of a typical epidermal leveling session consists of:

Preparing Facial Skin

Deep-pore facial cleansing of the patient is overseen by a trained dermatologist. Usually, epidermal leveling is performed without anesthesia. However, an exception might be observed in this regard based upon insistence by the patient or among patients with a history of hyper-allergic reactions or over-reactive facial skin.

Surgical Exfoliation of Skin

The blade used for shaving-off the epidermal cells is a surgical blade, called Epi-Blade. This blade has a very fine edge that is moved along the outermost layer of the skin in sweeping fashion. Along with scrubbing-off the dead cells, the movement of the blade stimulates the facial skin. This catalyzes formation of natural collagen that is useful for tightening the skin. Further, the stimulated surface of the skin becomes more penetrable for the chemical peels.

Follow-up Procedure

While the initial session does not include extra services, most times, the follow up treatments involve use of an enzyme peel, and or application of beneficial products to augment the effects of the leveling along with helping to attain the freshly-scrubbed appearance.