302 Active Mist


4OZ 302MIST 1

302’s Avogen in a full strength mist vehicle for ease of use/ application especially for those treating larger areas such as arms/ legs for anti-aging, regeneration, to treat stretch marks, and uneven skin texture.
Compares to 302 Drops concentrated lipid formula when combined with Calming Mist.  This “good to go” shake, and apply mist is sheer, and light, Absorbs almost instantly, and dries for ease of use – no guesswork.

APPLICATIONS: Apply after cleansing. For face and body, easy spreading, fast application.  

For body; use 3-7 times weekly.  For face;  apply 3-5 times per week on alternating days such as Monday, Wednesday Friday, or every other day.  May be used in an alternating regimen with other active products such as vitamin C Mist, C Boost, Lightening Drops.  Vitamin A Mist, A Boost, Clarity for a well rounded complete anti-aging, regeneration regimen.

INGREDIENTS: Organic green tea, avocatin 302 (Avogen™), kosher glycerine, polyquat 77, polysorbate 80, vanilla and citrus extracts.

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