Moisturizing Drops/ Moisturizing Drops Rx

Moisturizing Drops/ Moisurizing Drops Rx


A concentrated, high quality, ultra skin compatible lipid formula

Moisturizing Drops are an extremely neutral/ natural lipid formulation. A frequent, and as needed use formula – especially for skin undergoing stress, and or detox from harsh treatments/ products.

 Moisturizing Drops Rx is exceptional for irritated, and or breakout prone skin.  



  • Perfect barrier when applied prior to makeup.
  • Floats powders, and mineral based products to extend wear, and prevent cakey mask like appearance.  
  • Moisturizing Drops formulas can be comined as needed with any of the other 302 lotion moisturizer formulas. Just one or two drops can further enhance/ fortify, and customize for deep long lasting benefit.
  • For very sensitive skin, the natural lipds in these drops when spread with  Calming Mist Rx and then, followed by Remedy Rx will provide an outstanding moisture barrier in the most drying/ harsh environmental conditions. 

Choose from:

Moisturizing Drops original naturally scented formula (pink label) with  mint, and vanilla

Moisturizing Drops Rx unscented formula (grey label) no mint, or vanilla 

We recommend Rx formula for very sensitive/ inflammed skin, or users with active seasonal, and or plant allergies.


Moisturizing Drops INGREDIENTS: Organic jojoba oil, avocado extract, caprylic/capric triglycerides, mint, vanilla, herbal extract.

Moisturizing Drops Rx INGREDIENTS: Organic jojoba oil, caprylic/capric triglycerides, avocado extract.